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2 Days of Angelic Spiritual Development and Discovery

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd November 2014

At Browns Butler’s Wharf, Shad Thames, London. SE1 2YG.

I am super-excited to be able to share this magical weekend with you in November.  We will be at one of my favourite locations in London, and we will be working on 2 of my favourite areas of personal development and discovery with the Leader of the Archangels, Michael. Join me, Michael and like-minded souls for 2 days of Angelic growth, learning, fun and magic alongside the River Thames in London!

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DAY ONE: Saturday 22nd November 2014

Spiritual Development with Archangel Michael

On the Saturday, we will focus on furthering your Spiritual Development with Archangel Michael. These are the some of the many common issues that we are going to be addressing:

  • Why are you stuck at your current Spiritual Level?
  • Why can’t you hear and see the Angels in the way you want?
  • Why are you still unable to receive crystal clear Angelic Guidance?

Spiritual Development with Archangel Michael promises to be an uplifting, encouraging and highly effective spiritual development experience for you to enjoy – whatever your current level of Angel experience and knowledge.

With Archangel Michael’s guidance, I will help you to:

  • Access your complete Spiritual Potential
  • Activate your Clairvoyant Ability
  • Clear your Spiritual Blocks
  • Reach higher levels of Spiritual Awareness
  • Step into new levels of Spiritual Ability

Spiritual Development with Archangel Michael has been designed to help you to identify and then clear any blocks on your spiritual path and accelerate your Spiritual Development progress. You will learn what is getting in your way, and release it. Be clear about how you want your Spiritual Path to be, create it and receive Angelic guidance which will guide and direct you in your daily life.

In Spiritual Development with Archangel Michael, you will:

  • Prepare for your Spiritual Journey – from wherever you are
  • Develop your Clairvoyant Ability and enhance your ability to see energy and auras
  • Discover and develop the relationship with the Angels which will bring you the clarity and accurate guidance you seek

We will begin Spiritual Development with Archangel Michael with a beautiful invocation and group connection to Archangel Michael’s powerful energy. I like to keep my events varied, interesting, participatory and interactive.

Throughout the day we will make use of:

  • Guided Visualisations will help you to find access your deep inner knowing and activate your true spiritual self
  • Angelic Exercises will give you insight and answers to your spiritual questions
  • Angel Card Exercises will give you the opportunity to receive direct and personal guidance and answers from Archangel Michael.

You will have opportunities to ask me questions and to know the other participants through group work and pair work. My signature style is to create a welcoming, friendly and completely relaxed atmosphere in which to learn and grow.

My classes are designed to be interactive and friendly – I especially love to chat and be accessible. You will enjoy personal contact with me, chances to ask questions and I am really looking forward to some relaxed social time with you in the evening, if you so choose!

At the end of the day, there will be a wonderful opportunity for us all to sit and enjoy an informal questions and answers session. I will answer as many of your Spiritual Development questions and queries as time allows, and we relax in preparation for Day 2 :)

DAY TWO: Sunday 23rd November 2014

Your Life Purpose Revealed with Archangel Michael

The Sunday promises to be an exciting opportunity for you to work with Archangel Michael and myself to reveal your Life Purpose – wouldn’t you love to know with confidence and clarity the true purpose for which you are here on Earth?

When reflecting on your Life Purpose, from where you are now, you may find yourself rooted at one or moe of the following questions:

  • Why are you not living the life of your dreams?
  • Why is there a hole in your life?
  • Why can you not find what you are looking for in life?
  • Why do you feel that something is missing?
  • Why do you feel stuck and confused?
  • Why will the feeling that life should be better not leave you?
  • Why do you feel you must be doing something wrong?

Life Purpose Revealed with Archangel Michael promises to be a clarifying, personal and highly effective Life Purpose discovery opportunity. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to reveal, understand and live your Life Purpose in this lifetime.

With Archangel Michael’s guidance, I will work with you to:

  • Discover your Life Purpose
  • Understand your Life Purpose
  • Activate your Life Purpose
  • Step into complete fulfilment with your Life Purpose
  • Reach your highest potential with your Life Purpose

In Life Purpose Revealed, you will discover the true definition of your Life Purpose and reveal your own unique loves, talents, gifts and natural abilities. Revealing your Life Purpose will allow you to unlock your life’s full potential and live the fulfilling, positive, meaningful and abundant life you have come here to enjoy.

You will be released from a life time of conditioning which has prevented you from living your life purpose, clear limiting beliefs which have blocked your path and finally step in to living your personal, unique, brilliant, abundant, empowered and positive life purpose.

You will create your very own Life Purpose symbol which encapsulates the energy and essence of your Life Purpose. Symbols are powerful because they are created freely and without the restrictions of your thoughts and beliefs. Once created, you will add power to your symbol every time you do the things you love.

Your Life Purpose Revealed will lead you to enjoy the full spiritual, personal and financial value of everything that you love to do in life.

I like to keep my events varied, interesting, participatory and interactive. Throughout the day we will make use of:

  • Guided Visualisations will help you to find access your deep inner knowing and reset your energy to one of positive expectation and outcome
  • Angelic Exercises will give you insight and answers to your life purpose questions
  • Angel Card Exercises will give you the opportunity to receive direct and personal guidance and answers from Archangel Michael

Throughout the day, you will have opportunities to ask me questions and also get to know the other participants through group work and pair work. I create a welcoming, friendly and completely relaxed atmosphere in which to learn and grow.

I am so looking forward to seeing you there – I know that we will have a magical time together and that you will gain new insights into yourself and your life that will take you to the next level and beyond.

I send you love and happiness :)

Ros xxx

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Comments from Previous Courses

“Ros is a beacon of light. She appeared at the most perfect time and perfect place. Her words and messages from the angels opened doors to self discovery, forgiveness and healing. To put it simple, Ros is a messanger of love. And, love conquers all. She is none other than an earth angel.” Mariana Oceguera

“The whole energy surrounding the course was one of love, support and acceptance. Ros has a very special gift and I feel grateful that she has chosen to share it.” Marissa

“Ros is an amazing, inspirational teacher – it doesn’t matter whether or not you feel you have any special ability – she gives you the tools and techniques to develop your spirituality at your pace and at your level in a warm and supported environment. Her compassion and love for the angels and us all is very real and it is a privilege to work with her. It is rare to encounter a true ‘earth angel’ – in Ros I have had the privilege to meet one.” Gill Newton

“100% Brill :-) Wow! Loved the course would do it all over again:-) Ros is a angel, and i would
recommend anyone to do a course, or to have a reading :-)” Gina Adams

“Ros taught me, i hear and work with angels anyway, she has basically given me a career as thanks to her i work with the angelic realm daily and help many people, her advice has helped me know we truly ARE creators of our own experience and it is up to us to create and experience what we wish too, by changing our mindset and our thought processes we change our world and that of others too, the angels want us to utilize their amazing help and love daily there is no request too great or small for them to help with and you cant ‘run out’ of wishes and prayers, roll em up, thats why they were created….Thankyou Ros” Sheelagh Newberry

“Ros has a gift of making courses rich with lessons and reflections and fun, all wrapped in a package that is so great to open…” Laurie

“Ros’s knowledge and enthusiam is contagious!” Riana

“Seemed to build, beautifully…layer upon layer of positive change.” Stripes

“Ros has shown me how the Angels are with me always and I can call on them anytime for guidance and assistance and they are always, always there! My glass is never half empty anymore it is always completly full to overflowing. I can never thank Ros enough for her guidance and loving encouragement.x” Chris Tyrer

“Ros is a rare and gifted teacher, and makes angel connection a pleasure.” Carla Holden


Timetable for Both Days

9.30am Registration
10am Start
11.30am Morning Refreshments
1pm Lunch
3.30pm Afternoon Refreshments
5pm Finish


Venue & Location

Browns Tower BridgeWe’ll be in a private room right on the River Thames, overlooking Tower Bridge at Browns Restaurant, Butler’s Wharf, which was once a thriving centre for the tea trade and boats from the east docked here with their cargos.

Today, it’s an up-market part of London with a laid-back feel – and Browns is equally relaxing and welcoming, with a gorgeous decked terrace and great views across to Tower Bridge.


The closest mainline train station is at London Bridge, around 10 minutes walk along the river from Butler’s Wharf.  You can check train times and connections at www.nationalrail.co.uk

Underground stations are at London Bridge and Tower Hill – both around 10 minutes walf from the venue. Further details can be found at Transport for London – where you will also find details of bus services, such as the RV1, which run close to the area.


Luckily, as we are in London, there are loads of great places to stay within easy reach of the weekend venue.

My favourite hotel in the area is just on the opposite side of the River Thames at the Guoman Tower

Hilton Tower BridgeAnother great hotel only 10 minutes walk away is the Hilton Tower Bridge

Of course, you will find many more places to stay on all budgets at Booking.com or airbnb.com

>>> Click here for full details and tickets

Is It the Angels… or Am I Making It All Up?

Last week I had a message through Facebook , from a from a lady who wanted to communicate with her Angels better. Let’s call her Jessie …….here is her message:

“I was wondering if u had any tips on channelling and getting validated answers? Like when ü first started did it come natural? I feel like i hear things but don’t know if it’s my ego talking and then how would I verify what I heard? Do U know what I mean ?! I heard ur amazing at it!”

I told Jessie that it was an excellent question and that I was happy to answer her in my blog – so that lots of people could benefit.

So how do you know if it is the Angels talking to you – or it is all in your imagination?

The Angels are always communicating with you and they will do so in lots of different ways:

  • Angels will give you a feeling or a knowing
  • Angels will pop an idea or a thought in to your head
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Top 5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Top 5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration

If you can imagine yourself to be a hot air balloon it will help for this exercise :) Your vibration is your energy. If your energy is high, it is light, positive, open, loving and receptive. If your energy is high then your vibration is high and the higher your vibration, the closer you are to the Angels. The closer you are to the Angels, the easier it is to hear, see and feel them.

Imagine you are a hot air balloon and with each blast of heat, you climb higher and higher. This happens when you raise your vibration …each time you raise your vibration, you get closer and closer to the Angels. The Angels are always close to you – they don’t need to get any closer to you ! But you my friend, need to get closer to them. It’s a Universe thing.

So how do you easily raise your vibration?

Ros’s Top 5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibration …………

Here are some quick fix vibration raisers! Meditation and visualisation are powerful ways of increasing your vibration – but I wanted to share how life can provide opportunities every day to get closer to the Angels.

  1. Listen to music you really love – loud! You may be surprised to hear that this gentle Angel lady is rather partial to a bit of ambient House music for this kind of vibration raising

  2. Dancing, walking and general moving – Preferably to loud music that you really love. Go out and dance with others or stay in and move your body in the privacy of your own home. I love nothing more than to pretend I can samba with Eddie in the kitchen. Zed and I also love a bit of crazy kitchen grooving.

  3. [click to continue...]

Birth Angel Metatron: 21st March to 19th April 2014

If you are an Aries then your Birth Angel is Metatron – Archangel of Inspiration and Motivation. Metatron is one of the three Archangels of Action which are referred to astrologically as the Fire signs. Metatron is aligned with you Aries in order to help you to conquer all of your challenges and to help you to develop yourself and enhance all of your strengths and gifts.

What Makes Me a Metatronian?

As an Aries with Metatron as your Birth Archangel, you are a Metatronian. You are active and spontaneous. You love to lend a hand and help others. You are enthusiastic and passionate and you love to live their life to the full. Metatronians are protective, passionate and full of irrepressible enthusiasm and energy.

What Are My Metatronian Challenges?

Metatronians are prone to be restless and find it difficult to relax. They can be spontaneous and often react to situations without thinking things through. Metatronians have a tendency to want to take over, take ownership and to take responsibility for matters which affect other people. Metatronians often feel that they know best and forget to involve others in decision making processes. Metatronians feel the need to be in control.

How Can Archangel Metatron Help Me?

Archangel Metatron will help you to balance action with patience and to learn how to help others without taking over their lives. Metatron will help you to find balance in all areas of your life, to relax and to delegate.

“Ask Archangel Metatron for guidance this month…. Draw a card for your month ahead and ask Archangel Metatron. What is your message for me this month?”

How Will Archangel Metatron’s Energy Influence All of Us in the Aries Period 20th March – 19th April?

Metatron’s energy is one of forwards movement and productivity. His energy is also full of inspiration – so the period 21st March – 19th April is a great time for new and fresh ideas to arrive and take shape. Metatron also brings powerful motivational energy which will help you to complete tasks and projects and even start and stick to a new practise or regime.

Buckle up your seat belts guys ………… Archangel Metatron is in town for a month!:)

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Who Is Your Birth Archangel?

Hi there Angelight, Today’s video is about Birth Archangels. Every star sign has an Archangel aligned to that sign and once you discover who your birth Archangel is, you can receive help directly from the Angelic realm, you know who your birth Archangel is and you know who your first port of call is.

In this video I’m going to take you through each of the star signs, each of the signs of the zodiac and I’m going to let you know who the Archangel is that is aligned which that star sign and the challenges, the energy which each Archangel brings to you in order that it can improve your life.

So as you listen though this list of star signs, you might want to listen out for yourself, you might want to listen out for your wife or husband, or your boyfriend or your girlfriend, or your son or your daughter, because birth Archangels, once you discover who yours is, you know who your direct link with the Angelic realm is and you can also work out who it is you need to communicate with, in order to solve problems, in order to talk to, in order to find out more positive ways forward, in order to enhance all of your relationships and to just really deepen your understanding of the people that are in your life, so here we go.

We’re going to begin with Aries, Aries is me, I’m an Aries and my Archangel, the Archangel aligned with Aries is Archangel Metatron. Archangel Metatron is the Archangel of Inspiration and Motivation , and Metatron if he is your Archangel, your birth Archangel, is with you to help you to be organised and to prioritise your true and highest priorities, your highest needs.

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Top 3 Feng Shui Clangers with Terry Bowen

In January I got together with Terry Bowen Feng Shui expert and friend and recorded a really helpful Feng Shui video for you.

Let me tell you, Terry’s advice has changed my life! Within two weeks of making the simple changes Terry suggested, Eddie was offered three jobs on the same day, we booked a night away together and my career has taken a real positive step upwards :)

Here’s the interview in full:

Ros: So what kind of things can Feng Shui help people with, what areas of their life can Feng Shui help?

Terry: So in Feng Shui we have, again I’ll go a little bit backwards. Feng Shui is a Chinese tradition and when it’s translated it actually translates into water and wind, maybe the other way round, wind water I always get them confused around. It’s not about wind and water as the elements but it’s more about what’s seen and the unseen. Ok, and so if you can think about it water is something that you can see and that’s the objects that we have in our homes, whereas wind isn’t something you can’t see you can’t really necessarily see air you can see it may be moving things around. What that means is that it’s about the energy that moves around the objects that you have in your home, moves around the different areas.

In Feng Shui, people may or may not know this but there’s a thing called the bagua and if you want to have a look, and I’ve got one on my website under the Feng Shui section. What it is it’s an energetic map of the home and the home correlates to your life so for example if you want to make adjustments in your relationships, so you want to have more fulfilling relationship either a romantic one or increase the one you’re currently in. Then you would use this energetic map to locate the area of the home that is connected to relationships.

Ros: Wow, that’s amazing.

Terry: The way to use the bagua is I use the three door method, or it’s a three gate method. Where your front door is at the bottom of the map so in the bottom of the map we have self-knowledge, we have career and we have helpful people and travel. So, wherever your front door is that will be kind of working into that area.

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