Oracle Card Academy

by Katie Young on Angels with Ros

Thank you so much for the amazing session. I felt like I came away with a real tangible goal.

The Oracle Card Academy – Intermediate – Reading for Others has been created to help you to take the first steps into reading for others. This course offers you the very real opportunity to help people through your love of Oracle Cards.

If you’d like to become more confident to help the people you care about in your life, or you’d like to see if you’ve really got what it takes to become a professional Oracle Card Reader – this course is for you.

I highly recommend that you give yourself the pleasure of preparing fully for this course, by taking The Oracle Card Academy – Foundation on Udemy. This Intermediate course, assumes that you have this knowledge in place and builds on this solid foundation.


To be prepared for  ‘The Oracle Card Academy – Intermediate – Reading for Others‘ you will need:

  • A special book to record your course experiences and intentions.

(Anything from A6 upwards will be good. Lined or unlined. A folder would work too)

  • Two decks of Oracle Cards – I work with these:
  • The Gateway Oracle Cards – Denise Linn
  • The Archangel Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue


In the The Oracle Card Academy – Intermediate you will learn how to:

  • Take your first steps into reading Oracle Card Readings for your family, friends and others.
  • How to empower and guide children with Oracle Cards.
  • How to use your crystals to customise your Oracle Card Readings.
  • Attract your IDEAL client
  • Reach out through social media
  • Create a Powerful Name for your Oracle Card Service
  • Develop your own authentic style
  • Time your Oracle Card Readings
  • Record Your Oracle Card Readings
  • Answer ALL questions you are asked.


You will learn 3 NEW Readings:

  • A two deck  Past Present and Future Reading.
  • An Angelic Perspective Reading
  • A 12 Month Oracle Card Reading


If you sit at home and use cards to answer the questions in your own life, let me show you how you can take your first exciting steps into helping your loved ones with Oracle Cards.

Maybe you want to learn a new way of helping people which will enhance your reiki practise, your crystal work or your massage therapy. Maybe you would like to start a local spiritual group or circle – this would be a perfect tool for you.


If you just flippin’ LOVE Oracle Cards and want to know more, this is for you too!

I simply cannot WAIT to empower you to help others with your Oracle Cards and I look forward to warmly welcoming you inside :)

With love always,

Ros xxx

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by Katie Young on Angels with Ros

Thank you so much for the amazing session. I felt like I came away with a real tangible goal.

by Dan on Angels with Ros

Ros,Your reading was incredible, it brought a tear to my eye .You are one of a kind.

by V Laird on Angels with Ros

Thank you so much for your reading, it was really spot on.

What are students saying about this Udemy course?


As usual, Ros sends out her energy which is encouraging and infectious.

by Deborah


Ros describes Oracle cards with such tenderness and joy, her points on the steps to take to progress our journey with Oracle reading for others really uncovered some fears i hadn’t realized may have been blocking my movement forward. The content of this course so far is truly tremendous and its only just begun..i cannot wait to discover more gems of knowledge from this wonderful teacher and her first class course.

by Izzy


I like that Ros is getting straight to the point of this course right away. Her speech is clear and concise and she appears very serious about getting her ideas and teachings across to her students. Very good start to the course!

by Stephanie


Simple lectures that are building upon the previous lessons.
Easy to understand and delightful to watch.

by Katie


The videos are easy to understand, good pace, and timing is perfect for my busy schedule. I like that it’s broken up into short segments.

by Paula