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How Do You Know the Angels Are with You?

Top 10 – How Do I Know the Angels Are with Me?

This is your ‘Top 10 – How Do I Know the Angels Are with Me?’

This is something that I put together with the Angels which will help you to see the signs, to notice them and to be reassured that the Angels really are with you.

So we’ll start with…

Number 10: Number 10 in the ‘Top 10 – How Do I Know the Angels Are with Me?’ is by asking them to be. It’s something that people often forget. As soon as you ask the Archangels to be with you, they are with you. As soon as you ask the Angels to come and be with you, they are. And simple words… “Archangel Michael…”, “Archangel Gabriel…”, “Archangel Chamuel come and be with me” is enough to call an Angel to come and be with you.

Number 9: As soon as you open a box of Angel oracle cards, it’s like a call to the Angelic realm. As soon as you lift the lid of a deck of Angel oracle cards, you’re calling to the Angelic realm and you’re asking the Angels to be with you. So that’s number 9, as soon as you open the lid of a deck of Angel oracle cards.

Number 8: Being drawn to, or being shown, or wanting to wear a particular colour. So, you know some days you might want to wear deep blue, other days you might want to wear pink, other days you feel more purple? They’re all indications that the Angels are with you and the colour that you’re wanting to wear is an indication as to which Archangel is with you.

Now if you’d like to visit my website, there’s loads of information on there about the different Archangels and also some really lovely pictures which help you to tie up the colours of the Archangels with the colours that you’re being drawn to. So that might be something that’s interesting to you. So number 8, being drawn to colours… particular colours.

Number 7: Being lead to Angel books, being lead to read more about the Angels, being lead to find out more about the Angels, to work with the Angels. That’s another way of knowing that the Angels are with you. They’re trying to guide you through your thoughts and through the action that you take.

Number 6: This is a really nice one. Number 6 is a feeling that comes from you or an experience that comes from another of kindness. You know sometimes you feel as though you want to be kind to somebody in some way? Like a random act of kindness. An act of kindness that people might not necessarily find out came from you. That’s a sign the Angels are with you, that open heartedness. And also, if you have that experience yourself of somebody being really kind to you for no particular reason, maybe somebody who doesn’t even know you, then that’s a really strong indication that the Angels are with you.

Number 5: Hearing Angels on the radio. If you hear Angels in songs, if you hear Angels mentioned by a presenter. Any reference, any time that you hear the word “Angels” and it’s interesting how often it happens and how often your ears kind of prick up when they hear about the Angels. That is a way of knowing that the Angels are with you. They’re wanting to draw your attention, they’re wanting to maybe distract you from something that you’ve been thinking about. That’s another way, that’s Number 5 – ‘How Do I Know the Angels Are with Me?’

Number 4: Number 4 is a lovely one. Number 4 is a feeling of excitement for no particular reason. You know how sometimes you just feel excited? You know how sometimes you just feel like there’s something great going to happen? You don’t quite know what it is… or what it is, but that feeling is really felt within you. It almost reminds you of childhood I suppose, feeling excited and that is a really strong sign that the Angels are with you. That feeling of inspiration and motivation, that real positive energy that comes from feeling exited and enthusiastic about something is a real sign that the Angels are with you.

Number 3: Oh, this is a good one as well. Number 3; repeated numbers. So if you see the same number on a number of occasions and by this I’m talking about…let’s have some examples. Right, so if you look at your clock and you see 1:11, and if you see 11 seconds as well…even more wonderful! You might see 2:22 on your clock. You might look on your computer and see the little clock in the bottom right hand corner and notice that the numbers tie up. That it’s 3:33, or 4:44, or…

If you see…if you look at your phone and you notice the time…

There are lots of different ways that numbers can come to you. Through registration plates on cars, through house numbers…lots of different ways. And if you see a number repeated, then it’s the Angels way of telling you that they are with you and that they’re helping you. So that’s another lovely one. And also, if you receive an email, or a text, or a call when you happen to be glancing at the time and seeing that it’s a 111, 222, 333 whatever it might be, that’s something you need to pay attention to. So that’s wonderful, that’s number 3.

Number 2: We’re in the top 10 now and we’re at number 2 of the ‘Top 10 – How Do I Know the Angels Are with Me?’ – Number 2; coloured lights. A lot of you write to me and tell me that you’re seeing coloured lights, and you sometimes see coloured lights when you close your eyes, and sometimes you see coloured lights when your eyes are open, but kind of on the periphery. On the kind of… from the corner of your eye, if you like. And some of you will see lights right in front of your eyes. That is a really strong indication that the Angels are with you. That they’re wanting to communicate to you, they’ve got something to tell you. So that’s number 2.

And again, if you’re interested in tying up the colour that you see with the colour of the Archangel that is wanting to communicate with you, have a look on my website and just go to the Archangels pages and you’ll see that there’s information, and really beautiful images, and also mandalas that have been created which will help you to see the colours that you’re seeing and make that connection.

Number 1: Can you guess what it is? What’s number 1? Number 1 – ‘How Do I Know That The Angels Are With Me?’; white feathers. White feathers that you see in your home, white feathers that you see as you’re walking along the street, white feathers that you see anywhere. They are a sign to you that the Angels are with you and my boys love, wherever we go to see the white feathers and to keep hold of them… to collect them, because they are elated when they receive a sign of that kind from the Angels. So keep your eyes open, keep your eyes open for white feathers.

Also while we’re talking about white feathers, colourful feathers can come to you which can also indicate a particular Archangel that’s around you at that moment in time. And again, have a look at the different colours, and the different Archangel colours, and energies, and auras and that will help you to make that connection.

So, if you have one of those signs in your life, that’s wonderful. If you have two, that’s a really strong indication that the Angels are with you. If you have three, that’s incredible.

So enjoy these signs, look for them and share your signs from the Angels in the comment section below :)

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  • nicole June 12, 2013, 12:56 pm

    These are Gods Angels? Why dont you mention God?

    • Ros Place June 15, 2013, 1:29 pm

      Thank you for your question Nicole :) It is a good one. Words are so powerful and very, very personal. My connection with the Angels is spiritual and so I use words like ‘ Source’ or ‘ The Creator’ or ‘ The Universe’ which all mean to me, the centre of the Universe and the place from which all things are created. I feel that this is similar to the way you feel when you talk of God. The Angels exist in the Angelic Realm which has ‘ Source’ at its centre. For you, this means that God will be at the centre of the Angelic Realm.

      So yes, the Angels are God’s Angels to you, and to me – the Angels are directly connected to Source. I hope this explains my spiritual perspective to you Nicole and I know that your question will interesting to lots of people :)

      With love and happiness :)

      Ros xxx

  • Barbara June 12, 2013, 2:23 pm

    Hello Ros, I love this message from you!
    The first angel I ever saw, when I was going through a really tough time was green. He appeared all green.
    I have found black feathers and yellow feathers.
    I often see flashing lights or a single light but lately I have been seeing what looks like a board about 1 metre square of all different kinds of flashing lights and I am drawn to multi coloured cushions!
    Whenever my dog wanders off in the woods I call upon Archangel Michael to send her back and she comes back immediately.
    love and blessings to you Ros and thanks again for this lovely Angel Message,

    • Ros Place June 15, 2013, 1:35 pm

      Thank you Barbara :) The Angels are showing you that they are there in so many wonderful ways :) Asking Archangel Michael to bring back your dog when she wanders off is great :) If you ever really do lose anyone or anything – Archangel Gabriel is very helpful :) …………….I call upon her a lot in our house !

      With love and happiness,

      Ros xxx

  • Rosemarie J. Livreri June 12, 2013, 2:57 pm

    Hi Ros, when I was little I use to think there was something wrong with me and I thought this was all in my head…for some reason I always knew from a little girl what I was seeing was from GOD and always wondered why I would see and still do all these twinkley colors esp blue…and white sometimes streaking across…but I actually have been feeling them since I was very young..even now as I am emailing you I feel their touch …I get these awesome most beautiful chills but I cannot see them all I feel is this intense incredible JOYFUL feeling…but the feathers are so weird because I just questioned that in my head yesterday what is the meaning of seeing feathers…so thank you for enlightening me…and thank you Archangels and angels for being with me and guiding me on my journey…with light and love always…Rosemarie Jean

  • Verity Wise June 12, 2013, 5:21 pm

    Ros, I want to thank you so much for this wonderful ‘new’ website and for all the lovely advice and information you give to us all. Like so many people I am trying to link to the angelic realm, and your advice, downloads, videos and books etc. are invaluable. This ‘top ten’ is just great! I have definitely learnt from it and I’m going to pass your’ top ten’ on to people I meet as a ‘reader’ when we talk about angels, along with a link to your website.On the subject of your no.2, I’ve read that sparkling lights around flowers can depict the presence of fairies! My book advises visualising a rainbow and bathing in its rays, asking the rays to connect you to the fairy nature kingdom. Worth a try! And it’s good excuse to sit in the garden! (weather permitting). Verity x

  • Jill Henderson June 12, 2013, 9:51 pm

    Thank you Ros, I love your new website, it is great and so informative. Thank you for explaining in simple terms, thank you for all the advice and information .Your website is easy to read which is great ! Well done
    It was so funny this morning I opened your email an went to read the Top 10. I had a dream last night about a crash happening in front of my eyes and I looked up and on my left was a house number 222 and then I kept shouting dial 111…. :) Thank you Ros with love and blessings to you and the family xxx

  • Martha S. Martin June 13, 2013, 5:42 am

    This is so odd because this afternoon as I helped my little one ride her bike she was struggling and I was frustrated. Then all of the sudden she could do it. She could ride it all by herself. We both felt happy and suddenly lots of tiny little white feathers fell from the sky out of nowhere. I told her it was the angels that were happy because she was trying so hard. Then I received this email about the angels it really touched my heart. Thank you so much.


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