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by Diane on Angels with Ros
Guardian Angel

Ros has an amazing gift. She explained everything my Guardian Angel was helping me with and it felt so right and true. The colors of his bands really made sense to me. I've listened to my reading several times now and I get something new each... read more

by Carissa Klanseck on Angels with Ros
Angel Reading

I had an amazing session with Ros and my guardian angel on developing my own definition of myself using positive and uplifting words so that I can be more confident with being my authentic self. Ros led the session in a way that made me feel... read more

by Donna Lowery on Angels with Ros
Angels with Ros

Wonderful, life changing, thought provoking and so, so loving!! Thank you Ros! I now have a much clearer view of the way forward and it feels so empowering and joyful. I would thoroughly recommend a session 💖😇