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by Eva on Angels with Ros

I'm having trouble keeping up with all of the things coming true from your Angel reading for me last August 😂 Some would call it a luxuryproblem...Can't reccomend your reading enough! ❤ 🌟🌟 Blessings from Iceland &#... read more

by Maria on Angels with Ros

I can’t really express in words how wonderful a Guardian Angel reading with Ros actually is. She is a pure bliss! And she said things that was so spot on for me, confirming my journey. I was a little bit scared before the reading, because I... read more

by Maria on Angels with Ros

Ros... ❤️ I am absolutely in tears listening to this because you have pin pointed (hm..is it spelled like that? Haha) everything that I just know in my heart and have seen signs of lately after a long journey of healing and it blows my mind... read more