Confidence and Assertivness

Archangel Michael's Positive Pathway
by Eva on Angels with Ros

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Archangel Michael's Positive Pathway
Confidence and Assertiveness


Archangel Michael is the Leader of the Archangels and embodies courage, strength, confidence and strong leadership qualities. Michael is giving you this Positive Pathway so that you can become more confident and assertive in all areas of your life.
Archangel Michael Energy

Week by Week, You Will Cover the Following Areas:


  1. Courage – being brave enough to do what you really want to do in your life; and be who you really want to be.
  2. Assertiveness – becoming your own authority and learning how to be independent in your thoughts and actions.
  3. Strength – conquering your fears and facing your challenges. Breaking through previous limitations and succeeding.
  4. Confidence – understanding the uniqueness and value of your own life. Appreciation and acceptance of your own talents and gifts.


What Do You Receive?

  • 4 Hours of focused and effective one-to-one sessions, either by Skype or telephone to anywhere in the world.
  • 4 Hours of recordings of your Positive Pathway sessions on MP3.
  • 4 Positive Pathway Archangel Exercises to benefit from at home.
  • A Positive Pathway Completion Certificate

What Are Positive Pathways with the Archangels?

Positive Pathways are focused and highly effective one to one courses, given to me by the Archangels to share with you for great improvement in your life. Positive Pathways are so effective because they are personal and because through them, you can benefit from the powerful and individual specialism of each Archangel.

The Archangels have given me Positive Pathways as a means of communicating their powerful energy and guidance to you in a very personal and focused way and in a way which you can understand and benefit most from.


How Do I Choose the Right Positive Pathway for Me?

You can only choose the ‘right’ Positive Pathway. You may chose your Positive Pathway by being drawn to the name of a particular Archangel or you may be drawn by the qualities an Archangel can bring into your life through their titles. You can only ever make a good choice by working with the Archangels, so rest assured that whichever you choose will be right for you :)

I am always here to help you and if you would like me to ask the Archangels on your behalf, just contact me and I will let you know which Positive Pathway the Angels recommend for you.


How Does it Work?

Your Positive Pathway will take place over 4 weeks on a day and time which is convenient to you. Personal Pathways can be enjoyed over Skype, the telephone or in person.


Will I Benefit from a Positive Pathway?

You will benefit from a Positive Pathway if you are ready for improvement in your life. You will benefit from a Positive Pathway if you want to be successful in all areas of your life. If you want to be happy, fulfilled, abundant and excited and positive about your life – you are ready for a Positive Pathway.

Positive Pathways allow the Archangels to help you live the life you deserve :)


What Will I Achieve in My Positive Pathway?

You can expect to achieve your goal. At the beginning of every Positive Pathway, the Archangel supporting you, will help you to form an intention or a goal for the course which they will help you to achieve.

Here are some real life intentions which people have set at the beginning of Positive pathways and achieved at the end :)

  • ‘It is my intention to be who I am with happiness and confidence’
  • ‘It is my intention to use appropriate words and descriptions about myself and value who I am’
  • ‘To be at home in the world and to be at ease amongst people’
  • ‘To leave my anxiety behind and to be relaxed and confident’
  • ‘To be see the beginning of my miraculous life and to see my dreams become reality’
  • ‘To be happy, positive and secure in my life’

If you are ready to set your own intention and see it become a reality in your life, you are ready for Positive Pathways with the Archangels.


What Is the Structure of a Positive Pathway Session?

Positive Pathway Sessions are structured around the handout, which provide a framework for each session. Before each session, I will send you a Positive Pathway Handout, which covers:

  • Your goal
  • A review of the previous week’s session
  • A weekly subject for discussion and Angelic guidance
  • Focused questions and personal guidance from your Archangel
  • Questions to consider at home in between your sessions
  • Effective and enjoyable reinforcement exercises which give strength to your Positive Pathway


Why Do Positive Pathways with the Archangels Work So Well?

Positive Pathways with the Archangels works so well because it comes directly from the Archangels :) The Archangels have provided you with a personal and focused way of working with them through which you will benefit from their personal approach and attention and individual specialisms. Positive Pathways are highly effective life improvement pathways which will lead you to towards achieving your goals and living your dreams.

Positive Pathways work so well because they are individual and personal courses designed by the Archangels to be perfect for where you are in your life right now.


How Can I Begin?

To begin your Positive Pathway, simply choose your Positive Pathway and book your place. I will be in touch to book your Week 1 Class :)

Confidence and Assertiveness: Archangel Michael’s Positive Pathway

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by Eva on Angels with Ros

I'm having trouble keeping up with all of the things coming true from your Angel reading for me last August 😂 Some would call it a luxuryproblem...Can't reccomend your reading enough! ❤ 🌟🌟 Blessings from Iceland &#... read more