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by Eva on Angels with Ros

I'm having trouble keeping up with all of the things coming true from your Angel reading for me last August 😂 Some would call it a luxuryproblem...Can't reccomend your reading enough! ❤ 🌟🌟 Blessings from Iceland &#... read more

Angel Readings


You might think you know exactly what you want to ask the Angels. You might be fully aware of a specific part of your life that is creating problems and challenges. It might be your bank account or your job or your love life, your weight or your health. It could even be that your life is totally incredible and you are still deeply unhappy and dissatisfied.
A feeling that your life is not all the way you want it to be, or expected it would be is a common issue and completely justifed.

I find that people come to me looking for Angel guidance and direction when they are either completely or partially fed up with their life.  People are looking for the Angels’ advice about the best way to approach or change a difficult or annoying situation.  They are looking to get answers to their problems, gain clarity about what they should be doing, and to start feeling excited about their lives when they wake up in the morning.

It may surprise you to know that one of the biggest things the Angels help my clients to do – is to find out what they actually want from life. Yes, most people know they want a loving relationship, a nice car and a beautiful home but unless they get really clear about how they want their life to feel, even these things are empty and unfulfilling. Really.  My experience is that people become engulfed by problems big and small and become completely lost. All they can see are the problems and the challenge, they are completely blind to the way out.

Discovering the way out of all of your problems and into what you really want in life is an extremely powerful step which the Angels will successful and easily achieve with you. The Angels will then guide directly into completely living and loving the life you really want.

Establishing with clarity, acknowledging without fear and creating without limitation is something that it is almost imposssible for you to establish alone. The Angels are experts at life purpose fulfillment and establishing and creating the life you want with you.

The Angels are not going to tell you that your problems are exadurated or less important than someone else’s. If it is a problem for you, worrying for you, difficult for you, unpleasant or unwanted by you, it can be solved by the Angels. The Angels are not going to tell you that you are winging, complaining, greedy, over-reacting, or unrealistic. They don’t judge or dismiss, they are fulfilling their Divine purpose when you ask them for their help.

The Angels are always open to you.  I feel the Angels’  excitement and appreciation when you give them the opportunity to show you how successfully and easily you can acheive the life you really want. They will help you to work out what you want,  clear your path of obstructions and help you to successfully and easily achieve everything which is important to you.

So when I talk to the Angels for you, they share all of this personal, accurate and life changing information, which I then share with you.

An Angel Reading with me,  offers you an opportunity to receive immediate Angelic guidance together with instant and clear direction.  The Angels know you like no one else knows you – they know exactly what you want and they know how you can get it.

It can be a real challenge to know who to trust with the questions you have about your life and your challenges. Through me, the Angels have been providing deeper and deeper guidance to many of my clients since I began Angels with Ros in 2009. Many of my clients have been with me from the beginning.

Angel Readings are your chance to hear exactly what the Angels would like you to know. They will validate you and the way ‘ you ‘ see you your life, convey to you their higher perspective and crucially, help you to establish and achieve what you want.

Angel Readings offer you a unique experience which you could simply not achieve by yourself. The Angels will identify all of your personal blocks, many of which are completely invisible to you. They know all of your personal barriers which you may feel to you like your character or your luck or just the way you are. You may be aware of your fear, but never the full extent of it and how to clear it.  You may know that low self esteem lurks but not how to move into limitless self belief and personal power. You may feel imprisioned by low expectations and conditioning but be missing the keys to your freedom.

I know how uncomfortable it feels to consider opening yourself up to guidance and advice at a difficult time in your life. It is a scary thought. I know that when you have a problem, you feel vulnerable and exposed. I understand that thinking you will be hearing about things which you consider you have ‘ done wrong’ or  ‘ made a mess of ’ in your life is a really off putting possibility. But this isn’t how it is.  This isn’t how I am or how the Angels are. In an Angel Reading you will feel completely loved, understood, validated, accepted, valued and even incredible about yourself. You will feel uplifted, joyful, enabled and positive about your life.

Your energy will be reset, you will feel excitement about your life, butterflies about how your life will become and you know know that with the Angels you are successfully and easily  creating the life you really want.

What can the Angels help me with?

Everything you experience as a challenge in your life, is an area which the Angels can help you to understand, master and leave behind. Forever.

It’s never too late, too big, too old, too insignificant, too selfish, too entrenched, too predestined, too ingrained. The Angels offer you a life changing opportunity to transform your life.

Angel Readings frequently focus upon:

  • Career Choices and Progression
  • Defining and Manifesting Happiness
  • Creating Life Balance
  • Healthy Weight and Food Choices
  • Mastering Success
  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
  • Health Challenges
  • Improving Difficult Relationships
  • Attracting the Right Relationship
  • Empowering Children and Young People
  • Spiritual Development and Fulfillment
  • Financial Struggle to Abundance
  • Parenting with Joy
  • Making Positive Choices
  • Discovering Your Life Purpose
  • Chakra Healing, Balancing and Optimising (Please book 2 one hour sessions)

What Happens Next? 

As soon as you book, I’ll receive an email directly into my personal inbox. As soon as I can, I’ll reply and offer you some convenient dates and times for your Skype or phone Angel Reading. Or if you would prefer a remote reading in your absence, I will contact you to confirm the date of my very next appointment.

Angel Readings are by Skype, Phone or Remotely

Your Angel Reading can be carried out:

  • On Skype or on the telephone at a pre-arranged appointment time
  • Recorded remotely while you work rest or play, and sent as an MP3 recording to enjoy at a convenient time for you.

Both are powerful and both are perfect. You can choose whichever is best for you.

All Angel Readings are recorded for you and sent to you as an easy MP3 recording. After the reading I will follow up with you with an outline of the major aspects of your reading and the recording.

30 Minute Angel Reading

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60 Minute Angel Reading

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by Eva on Angels with Ros

I'm having trouble keeping up with all of the things coming true from your Angel reading for me last August 😂 Some would call it a luxuryproblem...Can't reccomend your reading enough! ❤ 🌟🌟 Blessings from Iceland &#... read more

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