Archangel Gabriel

Archangel of Communication
Archangel Gabriel Energy
Aura: Sparkling Golden and White

Crystal: Yellow Calcite

Chakra: Throat

Embodies: Empowerment and honesty

Primary Role: To empower you to reach your highest potential

Areas of Your Life: Career, Self belief, Communication

Archangel Gabriel is the Archangel of Communication, sometimes referred to as the Messenger Angel.

Archangel Gabriel has a beautiful golden, sparkling aura and an energy which will empower and support you.

Archangel Gabriel will help you with any matters involving communication of any kind. As the Archangel of Communication, Gabriel will help you to improve your life by enhancing your ability to communicate honestly, confidently and lovingly with friends, family and colleagues.

Ask Gabriel if You:

Misplace anything from your house keys to your car! She will help you to find them

Want to speak confidently to people and get your message across

Need to help say how you really feel

Want to be more honest with yourself about your needs

Angel Oracle Card Exercise:

Hold your favourite Angel Oracle Cards in your hands and fill them with love and all that love means to you. Allow your cards to become warmed by your hands. Gently shuffle your cards and take your time and enjoy your connection. Anticipate clarity and love from your cards; expect them to help you and they will.

When you are ready, ask the Archangel Gabriel to provide you with her loving guidance and choose a card for each question:

  • Archangel Gabriel, what is it you would like me to know today?
  • Archangel Gabriel, how can I bring your energy and qualities more powerfully in to my life?
  • Archangel Gabriel, how can I develop a satisfying and fulfilling career?
by Eva on Angels with Ros

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