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Angel Healing for Animals

Angel Healing for Animals

All of my Angel Healing Sessions are carried out remotely which means that I will work with the Angels in your absence. Over the years I have been working with the Angels, I have found remote Angel Healing to be far more effective and powerful for the recipient.

I will observe the Angels as they work with your precious animal friend. The Angels will show me exactly what they are doing and the energy and healing which your animal friend is receiving, which means I can then convey every part of the healing process to you in detail once it is completed.

Shortly after your animal friend’s Angel Healing Session, I will contact you through email with either full notes outlining in detail the healing which has taken place, or a recording of your healing. This will be dependent upon the type healing which has taken place.

Have a look through my Angel Healing Page to find out more about my Angel Healing process.

Animal Healing is a chance for your animal child, fury, scaled, feathered or smooth skinned to receive the healing, uplifting and peaceful energy and light directly from the Angelic Realm. Animal healing can help a beloved animal in your life to:

  • Recover from an operation

  • Lift their mood

  • Heal from trauma in their earlier life

Animal Healing is the very best treat that you can give your beloved animal friend. I am often told that while the healing is taking place, cats roll with pleasure, dogs doze happily and that many other animals respond very clearly and positively to the energy they are receiving.

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Hi, my name is


This was the exact help I needed at the exact time I needed to hear it!

Mar 17, 2012 by Mary Cunning

The information and guidance I received was completely attuned to bringing me into a higher state of being, to find ways to delve deeply ...
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The real deal

Aug 29, 2013 by Rini

Ros is AMAZING and has helped me overcome so many limiting obstacles in my life. For example, I use to have a fear of driving and had asked ...
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Aug 11, 2013 by Claire

Ros has done a number of readings for me now and I have known her for nearly three years, every time she is 100% per cent accurate and has ...
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